The Maltex History

Built in 1900, the Maltex Building was the factory headquarters of the Malted Cereal Company, later known as Maltex, which produced cereal and other malted products through the early 1970s. The company was famous for its maple-flavored cereal called Maypo. The building was built by William J. Van Patten, president of the company and a prominent citizen who also served as mayor of Burlington and a state senator.

At its peak, Maltex was producing up to 300 cases of cereal a day, and was a desirable place of employment at the turn of the century. Employees were treated well and had access to affordable lunches and other benefits rarely granted to employees of that era. Later, Maltex was acquired by another company and the building became home to other industries. Then in 1984, a federal grant helped to transform it into a thriving business haven filled with historic high-ceilinged office space and light manufacturing facilities.

The spirit of Maltex continues today, as the building is one of the most desirable places to work in Burlington’s south end. Its pleasant and professional offices have easy access to cafés, services and art galleries nearby, plus a bakery, market/deli and coffee shop right across the street. Learn more about the building today.

Maltex Office Building BVT_Ethan

Mr. Van Patten, Maltex’s founder, was a business leader and visionary who strategically located his building near downtown and a thriving waterfront. Since 1984, The Maltex Building has provided professional space for many of the area’s most visionary businesses who have enjoyed the same strategic location Mr. Van Patten developed.

Rick Davis groundbreaking-1985